The BEMER - German Medical Device

Massage / Essential Oils / Hot Stones / Sound Healing / Deep Tissue Massages

Kita Peace Sound Healing Sessions

TurboSonic® X7 - Whole Body Vibration

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Light/Deep Tissue Massage

Light/Deep Tissue Massage

Light tissue or Swedish massage is a light to medium touch and focuses on improving circulation of blood and lymph and relaxing superficial muscles.

Deep tissue massage focuses on connective tissue, and uses a deeper touch, the goal is to produce positive changes in movement and posture.


Candace’s Signature Massage

Candace's Signature Massage

Combine any or all of the modalities offered including:
• BioPulser Machine Back Treatment
• Essential Oils
• Warm Stones
• Massage Cupping
• Kita Peace Biosonic Machine.

Are you ready to De-stress,relax and be renewed? Candace brings over 33 years of experience to the table (the massage table, of course).


Back Treatment


One Hour Back Treatment Includes:

• Biopusler
• Massage Cupping
• Essential Oils
• Hot Stones
• Kita Sound Healing


“Find a way to get a a full-body massage every day!”
. . . S. Jay Olshansky, Ph.D. (known for Gerontology)



The BEMER – a German Medical device – very helpful for:
• General Blood Flow
• Nutrient & Oxygen supply and waste removal
• Cardiac funcion
• Fitness, Endurance, Strength & Energy
• Concentration Mental acuity
• Stress Reduction & Relaxation
• Sleep Management

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KITA Peace

Kita Peace Biosonic

Kita Sound and Vibration Healing sessions. Developed by Keiichire Kita. The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine applies vibration and sound frequencies on the mind, body and spirit. You will hear healing music as you are massaged with the cushioned transducer which translates the music into frequency and vibration. Like being massaged by music! This session is the best stress buster ever! 30 minutes sessions is like receiving a whole body massage.

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The Turbo Sonic X7

The TurboSonic® X7 is a sophisticated exercise and Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine that uses patented sonic vibration technology to provide a safe and effective way to accelerate the body’s natural healing response. 10min = 1hr of exercise. Whole Body Vibration is recognized by the Mayo Clinic to have fitness and health benefits! Reduces Back pain – Reduces Bone loss – Improves balance in older adults – Increases circulation in both Blood/Lymph System. $10 for 10 Minutes


Sedona Synergy of High Touch & High Tech
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